"I met Tracy when I was eighteen when she was Head of Department at the Guildford School of Acting where I trained with her from 1999-2002. Tracy has a brilliant energy and experience, which inspires all actors she works with.  While directed by Tracy in Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, not only did she direct the show, but choreographed it as well. I have been lucky enough to work with some of the worlds best theatre directors, in the West End, The RSC, The Almeida, The Globe to name a few and I regardTracy as an equally important director to have worked with. We worked together at an important time at the beginning of my career, and as a director she gave me the confidence as an actor to play the truth. I learnt a lot from my experience with her and think she is brilliant at what she does."

Michael Jibson is an Oliver Award Winning actor known for his roles on stage, screen, and voice over across the UK and US. 


"I have observed Tracy’s work as a director and am impressed by her imagination, creativity, and obvious rapport with all of her casts. She carefully builds the confidence of those she works with and creates a safe space where actors may feel comfortable. The range of skills and experience Tracy beings to the rehearsal room is immense and anyone who works with her will have an enriching and rewarding experience."

Graham Watts is a director and writer known for Shakespeare and the Classics

around the UK and the globe. 


"Not only does Tracy bring imagination and wit to getting actors  to move, but she’s as knowledgeable of stagecraft, character interplay, lighting, sound and stage design as any director should be (but how many truly are?).

As theatre director I have only praise for her handling of Charlotte Jones’s Airswimming, which was delicately and sensitively presented where a lesser director would have been less aware of the undertow between the characters. Ditto for her 2018 success with The Laundry (Brandon Force, Nicole Palomba and Audrey Thayer) at the Drayton Arms Theatre, which, for all the fanciful changes of time and place – including the spiritual – held steadfastly to the theme of the characters’ individual stories rather than indulging in overplaying location and plot. This piece was beautifully measured in pace; this and assured casting on Tracy’s part meant that the elliptical qualities of the play were at all times clear and justified.


Tracy’s common-sense approach to everything coupled with her great organising skills are an asset to her directing.


Plus, she even sings excellently. I mean, how irritating...

Dr. Colin Sell is an accomplished radio, stage, and television composer

and musical director across UK and US markets. 

The Laundry
Silence, A Language