Laban Workshops

Tracy offers a free 20 minute consultation prior to purchasing any Laban course or coaching session to ensure your choice reflects where in your process you would like to focus and grow.

Please contact her to schedule a consultation or to speak further. 

Tracy is a featured contributor to The Labanarium, an international resource for Laban students and coaches. 

If you know which block you are interested in, you can purchase them below and Tracy will be in touch to schedule your sessions. 

  • Coaching


    1-2-1 Coaching Session

    60 minutes

    This is a bespoke and private coaching session with Tracy covering whatever your audition or preparation needs may be. The session may include but is not limited to; Laban, singing, character building, text analysis, movement coaching, and direction. 

    *East15 Alumni Concessions are Available* 

  • Laban Block 1


    4 sessions | 60 Minutes/Session

    Rhythms:Weight/Space /Time/Flow 

    8 Complete basic efforts


    This is the very beginning of the work and if you have not studied Laban’s work before it is essential to start here. The shared language that this series offers something that all students of Laban will understand and is an amazing tool in creating character and finding the story you need in gesture and body language.

  • Laban Block 2


    4 sessions | 60 Minutes/Session


    Internal and external efforts.

    Movement sensation and Objective Function


    From the basic understanding of the rhythms and efforts this block of work explores how we have internal effort lives that can work with or against what we show to the world. It also explores how our inner life can be evident or hidden in the body .  If you have had experience of the basic efforts then this is an ideal development of that understanding.

  • Laban Block 3


    4 sessions | 60 Minutes/Session

    The Cube and application of efforts to text.  


    There are rules around how we change efforts in both text and action. Laban’s use of the cube gives us an insight into the organic development of thought and word.  The use of the cube with  text can really freshen tired monologues and find new ways of experiencing a scene. A good understanding of the efforts is required for this workshop.

  • Laban Block 4


    4 sessions | 60 Minutes/Session

    States and Drives


    This is the more psychological element of Laban’s work.  The incomplete efforts (Modes or States) combine to form the Drives. All of this is relating to our thoughts and emotional impulses behind why and how we move. This is the most advanced part of the work and really needs a good working knowledge of efforts and rhythms.

  • Bespoke Series


    4 sessions | 60 Minutes/Session

    This is for more specific and tailored movement or Laban coaching over a four-week period of time. Tracy will discuss with you your current needs and areas for growth, desired outcomes, and build a personalized curriculum for you. This series can include, but is not limited to, any of the above areas of Laban training as well as any further coaching Tracy may include to maximise your training experience.