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In addition to 1-2-1 coaching sessions for, Laban, auditions, monologues, or upcoming shows,

Tracy is happy to offer a series of consecutive Laban workshops of varying skill sets and at levels for anyone. 

All workshops and coaching sessions are available for immediate booking and online delivery. 

Details and pricing can be found below. 

Please reach out if you have further questions or would like to

book a FREE consultation to see which Laban workshop would be the best fit for you. 

If you are after the infamous warm up, look no further!

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1-2-1 Private Online

Coaching Session

60 Minute

Bespoke Coaching Session

Laban | Audition Prep | Coaching

Laban Workshop

Block 1

4 Sessions

Rhythms | 8 Basic Efforts

Laban Workshop

Block 2

4 Sessions

 Internal & External Efforts  

Movement Sensation

Objective Function

Laban Workshop

Block 3

4 Sessions

The Cube 

Application of Efforts to Text

Laban Workshop

Block 4

4 Sessions

States and Drives

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